Terms & Conditions

Scope of Application

  • All services are for ladies only and are provided within the physical boundaries of the salon, Wed to Mon: 10:00 - 20:30 hrs.
  • All services are by appointment only. 
  • Appointments can be cancelled on showing up late. 
  • Deposit required for advance booking, which is non-refundable unless the appointment is cancelled on a 24-hour prior notice. 
  • To maintaing a relaxing environment during our services, we do not allow children and attendants.

Privacy policy

  • All services which require privacy, for example, massages, waxing, bridal services, and body treatments etc. are provided in private arrangements. Every member of our team is committed to maintain privacy in all matters regarding our clients. 
  • All information regarding clients' personal history, treatments and services is kept in secrecy and never shared with a third party at any cost. All relatives of a client over 18 years of age are considered as a third party. 

Limitation of liability

We do not take any responsibility for any unforeseen accident taking place during our services. 

Customer support

In case of emergency, please contact us on our 24 hour mobile: (0092) 323 4327802. For general inquiries, please use our Contact page.