Welcome to Feme Beauty Salon & Institute®!

Meet Our Founder & CEO: Mrs. Maryam Sarwar

Mrs. Maryam Sarwar (middle) with Team Feme (Norway)
[Mrs. Maryam Sarwar (middle) with Team Feme, Norway]

Mrs. Maryam Sarwar holds over quarter of a century's experience in Asian and European make-up, skin and haircare. She has studied and practiced at different locations around the globe. During off-season, she travels extensively for attending academic programs and delivering lectures. Her students are successfully practicing at locations including Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), London, Tromsø (Norway), the UAE, Copenhagen (Denmark), Belgium, and France.

As a perfectionist, Mrs. Maryam Sarwar ensures that at Feme you experience: 

  • Professional, dedicated, and well-groomed staff
  • Worldclass make up, skin, and hair products
  • Extremely hygienic conditions, sterilised tools, and a relaxing environment 
  • Strict following of standards and precautionary measures
  • High ethical standards
  • All services which require privacy (massages, waxing, bridal services, and body treatments) are provided in private arrangements. Every member of our team is committed to respect clients' privacy under all circumstances.
  • All information regarding clients' personal history, treatments and services is kept in secrecy and never shared with a third party at any cost. All relatives of a client over 18 years of age are considered as a third party.